Thursday, January 5, 2012

Laporan Perubatan Bongkar Pembohongan Safwan Anang Yang Nazak !

Pihak kami telah menerima e-mail daripada seseorang yang terpaksa kami rahsiakan identitinya atas sebab-sebab perundangan. Namun, apa yang penting, pihak kami telah memetik sebahagian daripada kandungan e-mail tersebut yang dipercayai sebahagian daripada laporan perubatan Hospital Tanjung Malim untuk Safwan Anang dan Ammar. Tambahan lagi, kami mendapat tahu pihak peguam Safwan Anang masih belum menerima laporan perubatan anak guam beliau.

Muhamad safwan anang was brought to hospital slim river following the allaged scuffle with the police during demostration at UPSI. He claimed sustaining loss of conciousness (LOC) during that event. He however, was fully concious upon arrival at Hospital Slim River.

> Physical Examination showed that he sustained small abrasion over his lower inner lips and soft tissues injury over his chest. . Chest x-ray did not show any rib fractures or pneumothorax.

There was no internal injury. He had an old cheekbone fracture. During his hospital stay for more than 24 hours, he was very stable, he can talk, can eat normally,he did not exhibit any symtoms or signs of head injury and was discharged home this afternoon.

> Allegation that he was punched twice on the face,kicked on his chest was baseless as there were no evidence of such pattern of injuries. However, such pattern of injuries as sustained by him may be contributed to fall and can occur during scuffling.

> The news that he comatose or had life threatening injury as a result of the schuffled was a total lie. If somebody comatose, he definetely will not be left on the streacher alone and addmitted to the general ward. If he comatose, he will require assisted ventilation to support his breathing and placed in the intensive care unit. Furthermore, he will not be discharged the next day.

> The other guy (Ammar) sustained linear laceration above the nasal bridge and required suturing to close his wound.This pattern of injury consistent with the injury caused by sharp objects. No evidence that he was punched or injury caused by blunt objects. He received outpatient treatment and was subsequently discharged home.

Kesimpulan daripada "laporan perubatan" tersebut yang simpulkan:

1. Safwan Anang berada dalam kedaan sedar ketika tiba di Hospital Tanjung Malim.
2. Tiada kecederaan seperti dipukul dan ditumbuk pada tubuh Safwan Anang. Hanyalah kesan lebam akibat pergelutan. (ketika mengelak diri dari ditangkap?)
3. Kesan luka Ammar disebabkan objek tajam. (Apakah disebabkan oleh kaca pintu Klinik yang pecah akibat pencerobohan oleh mereka?)

Source : CTS

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