Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adenan : Save Sarawak from the opposition

Tan Sri Adenan, the NCR Champion from Sarawak is ready to face Baru Bian. He will fight Baru Bian, who had already been beaten three times during the Sarawak General Election by Barisan Nasional. Tan Sri Adenan’s statement was witnessed by 5000 people from Barisan National components all across Sarawak during the Sarawak Barisan National Convention 2011.
” I am not scared of Baru Bian or Anwar Ibrahim provided that we provide the terms for them!” Tan Sri Adenan was earlier declared by Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, as the champion from PBB to debate with Baru Bian on NCR Land Issues in Sarawak.
Tan Sri Adenan also condemned Haji Awang Hadi for disrespecting the Iban from Sarawak. He quoted that Haji Awang Hadi mentioned that only smart people and beautiful people voted for PAS, however the Ibans is not beautiful (molek) thats why they do not vote for PAS. Until now Haji Awang Hadi never apologised to the Sarawak people for giving such a rascist remarks.
Besides that, Tan Sri Adenan slammed the opposition for playing dirty tactics to demonize and split the top Barisan Nasional leaders such as Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, Tan Sri George Chan and Tan Sri Alfred Jabu. He likened it to the “isolate-the-leaders” tactic used by communists.
On top of that, Tan Sri Adenan took his time to remind the BN representatives about four types of diseases (delusion, amnesia, inertia, arrogance) that might prevent the “rakyat” from casting their votes on them in the coming election.
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